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Security without sacrificing productivity

Enforce is a supply chain security solution for containerized workloads.

Policy management

Enforce supports policies based on the SLSA Framework and NIST's Secure Software Development Framework.

Compliance automation

Enforce can be used to generate SBOMs, monitor running containers for CVEs, and protect infrastructure against insider attacks.

Production insights

Enforce generates a real-time asset inventory database to power developer tooling, incident recovery, and audit automation.

Enforce for developers

Easy Installation

Installs in a running cluster with one command. Support for CloudFormation, Terraform, and other automation systems.

Powerful Insights

Enforce integrates with build systems to establish a record of what source code was used to build each container.

Slim footprint

Two pods per-cluster in an HA configuration. 50m CPU, 50MB memory requests.

Frequently asked questions

What is Enforce’s Agent Resource Utilization?
Are you also doing vulnerability scanning?
What container platforms does Enforce support and what build systems can I use Enforce with?

Enforce for CISOs


Awareness with a realtime view of what is running in prod and where it came from.


Simple rollout with built-in policies for SLSA and other compliance frameworks.


Automation to improve compliance against policies through powerful integrations.

Every organization I worked with during my time at Google Cloud has a software supply chain problem. Many don't realize they do, but are waking up to it when they see others in the news. The folks at Chainguard are a dream team for solving this problem

Solomon Boulos
Former Google Cloud Exec

Chainguard Services

We assess and build out roadmaps for your organization’s Software Supply Chain, including the Infrastructure, configuration, and compliance needs, to shift security left in the delivery lifecycle.

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