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Secure from source to production

Design & automate a secure-by-default software supply chain. Try any plan free for 30 days.


Discover and inventory your containerized workloads across public and private clouds

Supply Chain Insights

Collect and generate SBOMs, analyze your base images, packages, versions, signatures and attestations

New: Enforce Signing, Powered by Sigstore

Use “keyless mode” to sign your artifacts and commits with your orgs private, identities

Continuous Policy Enforcement

Define and distribute comprehensive supply chain policies to your fleet; monitor for compliance in real time
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Cloud Native Features

Built for modern applications

Monitor and protect workloads and services in:
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Cloud Run, App Runner, ECS
Lambda (coming soon)
Compliance Features

Meet compliance benchmarks

Pre-written and customizable policies to help you meet compliance standards like:
CIS Benchmarks
PodSecurity Standards
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Block tackles software supply chain security with Chainguard Enforce

Learn how global technology company, Block Inc., partnered with Chainguard to adopt a holistic approach to software supply chain security.

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Chainguard gives companies confidence in the critical open source software they deploy by providing a low-friction, developer-friendly way of signing and verifying software artifacts so they have a trail to trace if a breach does occur. The Chainguard team are the thought leaders in this space, and it is the right team at the right time in history to tackle this problem.

Bogomil Balkansky
Partner at Sequoia Capital

Enforce is free to try for 30 days