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Chainguard is the leading provider of SLSA audits - a roadmap for your organization's Software Supply Chain… 

SLSA Supply Chain Audits

SLSA is the leading security framework for software supply chain integrity. Our team of experts can perform an audit of the standards and controls necessary to prevent tampering, improve integrity and secure packages and infrastructure in your organization. We provide a detailed report with evaluation, suggested remediations, improvements, and next steps from the experts that helped to build the SLSA framework.

Supply Chain Audits

Our team can perform audits to outline internal and external supply chain risks. We provide detailed reports with suggested remediations,
improvements, and next steps from the experts that helped to build these frameworks
such as SLSA, SSDF, and other emerging standards.

Upskilling & certifications

Our team can provide live and written training materials and coursework on Zero-Trust Supply Chain security, the SLSA Framework, Sigstore...


Looking for a little extra help? Our expert team can build custom CI/CD system plugins and integrations to help your engineers stay...


What is SLSA?

Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts, or SLSA (salsa).It’s a security framework, a check-list of standards and controls to prevent tampering, improve integrity, and secure packages and infrastructure in your projects, businesses or enterprises.
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Chainguard gives companies confidence in the critical open source software they deploy by providing a low-friction, developer-friendly way of signing and verifying software artifacts so they have a trail to trace if a breach does occur. The Chainguard team are the thought leaders in this space, and it is the right team at the right time in history to tackle this problem.

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Chainguard Enforce

Enforce enables you to build, manage, ensure continuous compliance, and enforce policies that protect your organization from supply chain threats.

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