Let’s build together

We don’t just have a mission, we are on a mission to make the software supply chain secure by default. Build that future with us.



Work schedule

Live and work remotely with team meetup opportunities and receive a monthly stipend for coworking spaces, internet costs and office equipment.


Paid time off

Use the time you need, when you need it to recharge and reset.


Health, dental, and vision

Provides 100% coverage for both employees and employee dependants.


Weeks paid parental leave

Take up to 18 weeks for birthing parents and up to 12 weeks for non-birthing parents.


Wellness budget

Receive a monthly stipend for wellness enrichment like gym memberships, food delivery and more.


Planning support

Lifetime reimbursement for family planning which includes adoption, egg freezing, IVF, and surrogacy.

A photo of thirteen women in front of a building smiling together

“It's thrilling to work for a company that is tackling urgent software supply chain security issues. But what I love most is being surrounded by brilliant, kind, and hilarious colleagues.”

Photo of a women petting a Golden Retriever
Erin Glass, Product Manager
Black and white photo of a Chainguard employees, sitting on the beach playing team building games

“Chainguard is like Hogwarts for software supply chain security.”

John Speed Meyers, Principal Research Scientist
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"I love the unique challenges we get to work on, but most of all I love being part of such an incredibly talented team."

Black and white profile photo of Chainguard's, Erika Heidi
Erika Heidi, Developer Experience Engineer

How we work

Customer obsessed

We focus on delivering solutions to our customers that create value and make their lives better.

Bias for intentional action

We prioritize, plan, try things, and fail fast.

Don’t take ourselves too seriously (but we do serious work)

We are solving an important problem which takes focus, but we also like to enjoy the journey.

Trust each other and assume good intentions

We’re transparent with decisions to empower team members to make well informed decisions.

All roles open

We're on a mission to secure the supply chain. Join us.

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Our industry is quickly evolving. Reach out if you don’t see an open role. One day we might need a Chief Karaoke Officer!