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Adoption of Chainguard Images has transformed the way our team builds securely with open source software across the organization and has helped to streamline and strengthen our FedRAMP certifications by providing fast open source vulnerability remediation

Brandon Sterne
Senior Manager Product Security
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Security is in the DNA of GitGuardian. And Chainguard really made sense when we started to look at how to streamline and make sure we don't ship our software with any vulnerabilities because that is a really big part of our story.

Romain Jouhannet
Sr. Product Manager
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Reach 'inbox zero' for your CVEs

Reduce your attack surface with minimal, hardened images that are secure by default, signed by Sigstore and include SBOMs.

Reduced vulnerabilities
Reduced time and stress investigating reports with Snyk, Trivy, and Grype.
Rapid updates
Updated daily compared to the weeks that other base images take.
Sigstore signed
Cryptographically signed with Sigstore for proof of origin and assurance.
Plus SBOMs
SBOMs generated at build time.

Fast track your FedRAMP compliance 

Chainguard Images eliminate CVEs so you can meet vulnerability scanning for container requirements. 

Hardened images that follow NIST 800-70
Zero-known CVE images always eligible to run in a production environment
FIPS 140-2 validation (with 140-3 on the way!)
Auto generate Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms)

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Security that developers love and CISOs can trust

We're not a traditional security vendor. Our tools are built on a secure-by-default infrastructure that introduces zero friction to developer workflow.


Improve developer productivity across the entire SDLC.

Cost effective

Reduce costs and remove toil of security tools with a unified platform.

Security mindfulness 

Achieve a state where security is built-in to your organization’s core functions.

Enterprise ready

Benefit from 24/7 support and a reliable, secure product infrastructure.

Trust, but verify

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