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Chainguard Images

Images are our security-first container base images. Our images are continually updated and aim for zero known vulnerabilities.

Build secure by default

Images are our security-first container base images. They are continually updated, and aim for zero-known vulnerabilities.

Continuously updated

Out-of-date software is a major factor in security breaches. Our images are continuously updated with new versions and fixes.


Our images come with SLAs that guarantee that we will provide patches or mitigations for vulnerabilities within an agreed time frame.


All our images are signed and include Software Bills of Materials (SBOM).

Images for platform teams

Reduce scanner noise

Our images aim for zero-known vulnerabilities. No more spending hours analyzing reports from scanning tools.

Get compliant

Our images are designed to help organizations increase their SLSA assurance level. We also provide FIPS compliant images.

Stop manual patching

We take care of updating our images in response to new versions and security alerts and even provide an SLA.

Frequently asked questions

Which base images are available today?
What happens when there’s a new vulnerability?
Why are there still unpatched vulnerabilities?

We are excited about the prospect of an actively curated base container image distro that has the potential to allow HPE to further enhance software supply chain integrity for our customers

Tim Pletcher
Research Engineer, Office of the Security CTO

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