Secure software from a trusted stack

Minimal, hardened images with SBOMs and signatures

Reach 'inbox zero' for your CVEs

Drastically reduce vulnerabilities and image attack surface.

Silence the scanner noise

Reduce time spent patching or chasing false positives with images that make your scanning tools more accurate and actionable.

Reduce your attack surface

Stripped down, minimal images with 0-known vulnerabilities that receive faster updates and patches.

images pulled to date.
reduction in CVEs.
staff hours saved triaging CVEs.
known vulnerabilities.

Chainguard versus the world

By selecting only a minimal set of open source software packages, Chainguard Images achieve a CVE accumulation rate that is 80% lower than industry alternatives.

Daily rebuilds
Receive patches daily without waiting on upstream distributions.
FIPS ready
Base images for popular language ecosystems and applications.
Streamline FedRAMP
Reach your FedRAMP milestones with 0-known CVE container images.
Secure software
Cryptographically signed images with SBOMs and provenance.

Images Now available on Docker Hub

Chainguard is a Docker Verified Publisher.

Start pulling Developer Images on Docker today.
Verify quality and security with Docker Scout.
Enjoy life with hardened, CVE-free images.

There’s a new stack in town

The first community Linux (un)distribution built with default security measures for the software supply chain.

IMAGES Directory

Secure container images

Choose images from applications and middleware; development and build tools; and language runtimes.

Wolfi Base

Replace alpine image with wolfi-base.


Download our Go build image.


Download our node base image.


Download our Ruby base image.


Download our python base image.


Download our java JRE base image or java JDK build images.

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For years, our team struggled with minimizing and triaging CVEs in one of our most critical customer-facing images. By switching to Chainguard Images, we almost immediately achieved zero-known CVEs in our customer image for the first time in two years, which significantly helped free up engineering  and technical success resources to focus on customer innovation and removed the daily headache of vulnerability maintenance associated with that image.”

Diego Comas
Head of Security
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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo

We are excited about the prospect of an actively curated base container image distro that has the potential to allow HPE to further enhance software supply chain integrity for our customers.”

Tim Pletcher
Research Engineer, Office of Security CTO
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