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Our team is here to support your Chainguard journey from day one. Here are some general FAQs to help you find what you need.

What is the difference between your free and paid Chainguard Images catalog?

We currently offer our public Chainguard Images catalog for no cost to users and they include SBOMs, signatures and SLSA Build Level 2 provenance information. We also offer Standard and Custom subscription tiers, featuring enterprise-grade patching SLAs, customer support and older version support.

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How are Chainguard Images different from Google distroless images?

The main difference is in the implementation. The Google distroless images are built with Bazel and based on the Debian distribution, whereas Chainguard Images take a maintainable and extensible approach and are built with apko based on the Wolfi or Alpine distributions.

I’m an existing customer and need help. How can I get in touch with support?

Please reach out to support in the Chainguard console and our customer engineering team will contact you.

Can Chainguard products help my organization with FedRAMP?

Our Chainguard Images can help you save time and resources on your FedRAMP authorization or renewal process. Our Images are hardened, continuously updated and tested for security, and include signatures, SBOMs, and SLSA provenance.

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Where can I find your product documentation?

Product documentation, release notes, in-depth product and OSS tutorials, and software security best practices and recommendations are available in Chainguard Academy.

Where can I find your product status dashboards?

Chainguard Images and Registry status are available at

Looking for an expert?

Our team specializes in software supply chain security, OSS security, cloud-native security, software policy, and compliance.

Who are Chainguard’s founders?

The CEO of Chainguard is Dan Lorenc, with Matt Moore serving as the CTO, Kim Lewandowski as the Chief Product Officer, and Ville Aikas as the Distinguished Engineer.

Who led Chainguard’s Series A?

Series A financing led by Sequoia Capital, Amplify Partners, the Chainsmokers' Mantis VC LiveOak Venture Partners, Banana Capital, K5/JPMC.

Where can I find the latest news about Chainguard?

Visit our newsroom for our most recent articles, announcements, and updates.

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Need to speak with an expert or find info about Chainguard? Speak with our PR team.

Security at Chainguard

We are committed to safeguarding our customers' data through industry standards, compliance certifications, and third-party audits.

Where can I learn more about Chainguard’s compliance certifications?

Visit our security resource page to learn about Chainguard industry compliance requirements and security protocols.

Where can I view your privacy policy?

View our privacy policy to learn how we handle customer data in our products and on our public websites.

Does Chainguard have a bug bounty?

We don’t have a bug bounty yet. If you find an issue in our products or sites, report it to our team. In lieu of a financial reward, we can send swag and donate $200 to a charity of your choice.


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