Open Source Software Security

Consume software that is built, curated, and secured by Chainguard

Your safe source for open source.

A safe way for enterprises to consume safe open source software

Discover an inventory of pre-hardened container images for the most popular open source applications that have low-to-no CVEs and contain detailed provenance data. We repackage and maintain common open source software and deliver it securely for your organization’s consumption.

How Chainguard Images Help

Build with trusted open source software.

Achieve provenance

Get detailed provenance data like signatures and SBOMs so you can easily answer any security audit question about the software in your stack.

Eliminate security debt

Build with pre-hardened container images that reduce the number of unnecessary components inside and eliminate complexity.

Use what you love

Choose from a growing inventory of 500+ secure container images, including applications, development and build tools, and language runtimes.

New year, new image: Introducing the Chainguard Images Directory
Adam Dawson, Principal Product Manager
December 13, 2023
Chainguard announces new Sigstore Images to bring critical software supply chain tooling to enterprises
Kaylin Trychon, Vice President of Marketing
November 14, 2023
Introducing Chainguard Images for Node.js LTS 20, Python 3.12 and OpenJDK/JRE 21
Adam Dawson, Principal Product Manager
October 11, 2023

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