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Chainguard Image Now Available for HAProxy

Adrian Mouat
February 9, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce a Chainguard Image for HAProxy. If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve almost definitely used HAProxy. In fact, you’re probably using HAProxy right now without even knowing it. HAProxy is almost ubiquitous at the edge of cloud, internet, and public facing web services. It’s commonly used for load balancing and SSL termination, making it one of the most security critical deployments on the internet today. 

In fact, HAProxy works so well and is so easy to use that it’s easy to forget about. While this is great from an infrastructure and cost perspective, it can be problematic for security, since HAProxy still needs to be regularly patched and updated. Thankfully, the Chainguard Image for HAProxy is built on Wolfi, our secure-by-default Linux (un)distristribution. This means it’s lighter-weight (up to 90% smaller than some of the alternatives), has fewer CVEs (aiming for zero-known CVEs), and is built with our hardened toolchain, making it as memory-safe as possible.

By the numbers:

-- CODE language-bash -- % docker images --format "{{.Repository}}:{{.Tag}} {{.Size}}" 16.2MB bitnami/haproxy:latest 117MB haproxy:latest 96.6MB haproxy:alpine 23.6MB

You can see that the Chainguard Image is only 16.2MB, 25% smaller than the closest alternative and 90% smaller than some of the others! 

As always, the binaries in our Images are built from source and come with comprehensive SBOMs from the start. These SBOMs contain the package metadata for everything in the Image and can be used for vulnerability scanning or license compliance. You can download the SBOMs for these containers with cosign:

-- CODE language-bash -- $ cosign download sbom --platform=linux/amd64 % cosign download sbom --platform=linux/amd64 | head -n 50 WARNING: Downloading SBOMs this way does not ensure its authenticity. If you want to ensure a tamper-proof SBOM, download it using 'cosign download attestation ' or verify its signature. Found SBOM of media type: spdx+json { "SPDXID": "SPDXRef-DOCUMENT", "name": "sbom-sha256:2c99ad16b2cc74fd01940070fa41a8a13123ae30f86500785eebbd8c9813baf3", "spdxVersion": "SPDX-2.3", "creationInfo": { "created": "2023-01-21T00:10:13Z", "creators": [ "Tool: apko (canary)", "Organization: Chainguard, Inc" ], "licenseListVersion": "3.16" }, "dataLicense": "CC0-1.0", "documentNamespace": "", "documentDescribes": [ "SPDXRef-Package-sha256-9dc541bb8ec6736cb312efcdbb2a2a9a5b2837ed90dad1446ac98b7f33f8dd7e" ], "files": [ { "SPDXID": "SPDXRef-File-/usr/lib/locale/C.utf8/LC_ADDRESS", "fileName": "/usr/lib/locale/C.utf8/LC_ADDRESS", "licenseConcluded": "NOASSERTION", "checksums": [ { "algorithm": "SHA1", "checksumValue": "12d0e0600557e0dcb3c64e56894b81230e2eaa72" }, { "algorithm": "SHA256", "checksumValue": "26e2800affab801cb36d4ff9625a95c3abceeda2b6553a7aecd0cfcf34c98099" }, { "algorithm": "SHA512", "checksumValue": "d38b225e8204e1e85e6c631481f46d0b8fca8cf8d8dfc290f00adb15b605959f91f0d55dc830fdd82c22f916140090928e44f1b5123facac135705cc81df00b0" } ] }, { "SPDXID": "SPDXRef-File-/usr/lib/locale/C.utf8/LC_COLLATE", "fileName": "/usr/lib/locale/C.utf8/LC_COLLATE", "licenseConcluded": "NOASSERTION", "checksums": [ { "algorithm": "SHA1", "checksumValue": "f245e3207984879d0b736c9aa42f4268e27221b9" }, { "algorithm": "SHA256", "checksumValue": "47a5f5359a8f324abc39d69a7f6241a2ac0e2fbbeae5b9c3a756e682b75d087b" },

If you want to see upwards of an 90% reduction in your HAProxy Image sizes with more security built in by default start using Chainguard’s HAProxy Image today at, or get started with our HAProxy Image using documentation in Chainguard Academy. Chainguard Images are now available for kubectl, Python, Redis, Bazel, curl, Git, Go, Jenkins, Postgres, Ruby and more. If you’re interested in support contracts, SLAs for vulnerabilities, FIPS-enabled images, or support for custom images or older versions, please reach out

We are always looking for ways to improve our end user experience. If you have feedback or would like to submit a support issue you can reach out to us directly or file it here.

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