Chainguard Images now available on Docker Hub

Dan Lorenc, CEO and Co-founder, Chainguard
March 14, 2024
Partnership image of Docker logo plus Chainguard logo.

Today, Chainguard announced that it has become a Docker Verified Publisher (DVP), marking a significant milestone for our shared mission to enhance the security and reliability of all software supply chains. With this new partnership, Chainguard Developer Images are now available on Docker Hub, providing developers everywhere with access to minimal, secure, hardened images for a wide range of open source and cloud-native projects.

The introduction of the DVP program in 2021 further underscores Docker's dedication to securing the software supply chain — a vision we at Chainguard share and that our new partnership with Docker advances. The DVP program provides trusted content to Docker customers and users, allowing development teams to build securely and minimize access to malicious software.

Bringing the benefits of secure, minimal images to developers everywhere

Docker Hub has been at the forefront of democratizing software development, offering an expansive library of container images for developers that allows teams to move quickly and build innovative products and services. 

By integrating Chainguard Developer Images into Docker Hub, we are providing Docker users with secure, minimal, and performant images. Chainguard Images are specifically designed to meet the needs of Docker Business and Trusted Content users, who rely exclusively on Docker to supply quality, secure, and hardened images that they can trust. 

"Finally, Chainguard's hardened container images are accessible on Docker Hub. Starting today, I'd estimate my Docker runs are now 70% more efficient,” said Darren Shepherd, Co Founder and Chief Architect, Acorn. “Seriously though, this is something I've been asking Chainguard about for a while and I'm glad to see the day has come. I can only hope the next critical innovation that happens is adding Wolfi into the library namespace."

Get started with Chainguard Developer Images on Docker Hub today

Image of Chainguard profile on Docker Verified Publisher page of Docker Hub.

Chainguard Developer Images are available for a wide variety of open source libraries and languages, including ArgoCD, Go, Redis, nginx, Node, Python and more. Our Images are rebuilt daily from source, rapidly patched against new vulnerabilities, and stripped down to contain only the components that are needed to build or run an application.

Getting started with Chainguard Developer Images in Docker Hub is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Look up the Image you want.
  • Select ‘Recently Updated’ from the dropdown menu on the right.
  • Filter out the community images by selecting the filter ‘Verified Publisher.’
  • Copy the pull command, paste it into your terminal, and you are all set.

Animated GIF showing process of how to get started with Chainguard Images from Docker Hub.

For Docker Pro, Teams, and Business users, rate limiting includes up to 5,000 pulls per day from authenticated users. Personal or free-tier Docker Hub users have access to 200 pulls every six hours and non-authenticated Docker Hub users have access to 100 image pulls every six hours. If you run into any issues with rate limiting, you can always pull images directly from Chainguard’s Directory.

This partnership represents a pivotal step forward in our shared goal of securing the global software supply chain. Together, with Docker, we are setting a new standard for security and reliability in the development community, ensuring that developers have access to the resources they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape when it comes to open source software security.

Visit our DVP profile now to access Chainguard Developer Images directly in Docker Hub.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our offerings and further our mission to secure software supply chains around the world.

If you want to learn more about our new partnership with Docker, visit us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU on March 19–March 22 at booth #H28. We’ll have raffle prizes, demos of Chainguard Images, and more!

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