Get in Chainguard, we’re going to fabulous Las Vegas!

Kaylin Trychon, VP of Marketing and External Affairs
August 4, 2023

Every August, the security community makes its annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for what has infamously become known as Hacker Summer Camp – a cohort of three major security cons, BSides, Black Hat and DEFCON.  

Since its inception, researchers have exposed weaknesses in mobile devices, airplanes, satellites, the electronic locks on your hotel room, voting booths – even the local slot machine. This year, the hype machine is once again in full swing in advance of what is being called the “AI Wars” – the largest red teaming exercise ever for any group of AI models. 

Chainguard will make its debut at Hacker Summer Camp this year and the team is excited about the opportunity to engage with this community of security professionals and share some of our learned experiences securing container workloads,  building foundational  open source software security projects and tackling software supply chain security at scale. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we think about today’s attack surface and what it means to reduce vulnerabilities within your supply chain, come find us! 


Chainguard Labs security researcher Zack Newman will co-present with Luca Guerra, open source engineer at Sysdig on how to have perfect vulnerability reports and still get hacked. In this talk, they will cover the pitfalls of common tools—software composition analysis (SCA) and software bills of material (SBOMs)—commonly brought up as silver bullets for this issue. Attendees to this session will learn about automated security tools that miss what’s right in front of them, empirical research exposing vulnerability management challenges, the fight against security by obscurity, and the daily commitment to keep applications free of known vulnerabilities.

When: Tuesday, August 8th at 6:00 PM PT 

Where: The Tuscany, Las Vegas

Black Hat 

Chainguard will be posting up in the Black Hat Start-up City Wednesday and Thursday in booth #SC208. Come by, meet our Co Founders Dan Lorenc, Kim Lewandowski and Ville Aikas and share your best security meme ideas. 

Map of Start-Up City at Black Hat

If you were wondering, yes we will have stickers and yes, we will have some fresh new swag debuting live on the show floor! 


Come find me at DEFCON, I will be volunteering in the Aerospace Village, talking about how Chainguard can help aviation organizations meet the TSA’s new container security requirements and trying to convince the Hack-a-Sat team to launch me into space next year for the CTF. 

Additionally, I will be moderating a panel on securing the supply chain between Camille Stewart Gloster, Deputy National Cyber Director for the Office of the National Cyber Director and Eric Goldstein Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at CISA on Friday at 1:00 PM PT in the Caesars Forum DEFCON Policy Rotunda. If you have any burning questions you think I should ask, DM me

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in Vegas next week. Stop by our booth at Black Hat #SC208 or book a meeting with our founders and learn how Chainguard is making software secure by default. 

See ya in Vegas! 

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