New Chainguard Academy course: Painless Vulnerability Management

Erin Glass, Senior Product Manager
February 14, 2024

The software supply chain becomes more secure as the security knowledge and education of developers and software professionals grows. To do our part in educating current professionals and emerging leaders, we are launching our first Chainguard Academy course: Painless Vulnerability Management

This course (valued at $199) is free to early adopters, and is designed to help developers gain a deep understanding of vulnerability management. Being able to understand current vulnerabilities, triage, and mitigate them, are among the most critical components of securing the software supply chain. By the end of this course, participants will know standard tools and practices for managing vulnerabilities, and how Chainguard Images in particular can help make the process much less painful through secure-by-default minimal container images.

Closing the gaps between software developers and the cybersecurity workforce

If you’re a developer in 2024, vulnerabilities are your problem, too. However, today’s computer science students and aspiring software developers aren't learning enough cybersecurity in traditional academic settings. In fact, a shocking statistic from CISA revealed that computer science programs in 23 of the top 24 universities do not require courses in cybersecurity. This does not align with today’s reality, where software vulnerabilities are serving as key entry points for cybercriminals seeking to infiltrate digital systems. And the implications of an inadequately trained workforce can have cascading effects that impact security across sectors at the national and international levels.

New federal regulation is also shifting the responsibility of exploited vulnerabilities onto the organizations that are developing and shipping insecure software. And software vendors that wish to sell software to the U.S. Federal Government must become FedRAMP certified, a lengthy process that requires compliance with strict vulnerability guidelines. 

To help developers get up to speed with recommended cybersecurity practices that are critical for today's regulatory environment, Chainguard is offering a Painless Vulnerability Management course. Achieving a secure-by-design future starts by arming all software developers and professionals with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to build secure software from the ground up.

Image displaying sample of Painless Vulnerability Management course content. Image shows question and answer format. Question: Which of the following statements are true about CVEs? Answers: (checked) Every existing software vulnerability is catalogued by the CVE Program. (unchecked) CVEs in your software are automatically fixed by the vendor. (unchecked) Zero-Day vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities that cause the least harm, usually taking only zero days to remediate.

Charting your future toward painless vulnerability management

Chainguard’s Painless Vulnerability Management course includes 18 lessons and technical tutorials across four modules that cover the software security landscape, tools, and practices of vulnerability management, including:

  • Module 1: Software Vulnerability Overview
  • Module 2: How to Manage CVEs
  • Module 3: More Secure Base Images
  • Module 4: Chainguard Images to the Rescue

Image displaying Painless Vulnerability Management course content. Introduction: Charting a course to vulnerability bliss. Software Vulnerability Overview: Lost in the Woods of Software Vulnerabilities.

By the end of this course, participants will have an understanding of the standard tools and practices for managing software vulnerabilities and how to build secure software from the start that eliminates known vulnerabilities. Participants will also be able to make the process much less painful with cutting-edge tooling like Chainguard Images.

If you want to keep up with software industry security standards, impress current or prospective employers, and avoid a mistake that might cost your company a software supply chain attack: it is imperative to know how to effectively and easily manage vulnerabilities, and this course will help you along the way.

Existing Chainguard Images customers can also benefit from the hands-on tutorials and practices in the course to get the most out of our minimal, hardened container images that embody a secure-by-design infrastructure, thus making vulnerability management much less painful in your organization. 

Visit our Chainguard Academy courses page to sign up and get started on your journey to become the Destroyer of Vulnerabilities you were always meant to be! Participants who finish the course, assessments, and final project will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion. Following the completion of this course, participants will have the know-how to begin deploying Chainguard Images immediately with only a few lines of code.

Throughout 2024, Chainguard Academy will be expanding our catalog of courses to cover the most important software supply chain security topics, so watch this space and send us a message if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

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