Software development security redefined: Sourcegraph’s story

Ty McCloskey, Sr. Content Specialist
December 20, 2023
An image displaying the Head of Security at Sourcegraph, Diego Comas, and the phrase "From CVE Overflow to Inbox Zero."

Empowering innovation with world-class security solutions

In the fast-paced world of software development, using open-source components is now essential for innovation. But this comes with a big challenge: ensuring software supply chain security. This is where Chainguard steps in, offering solutions to tackle the complexities of open source software security effectively.

Discover how our approach made a difference in a real-world scenario for Sourcegraph in our latest case study.

Simplifying vulnerability management

For leading software companies like Sourcegraph, strong security engineering is critical. The industry’s shift in handling vulnerabilities, especially considering Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs), has been significant.

Sourcegraph faced hurdles in managing software vulnerabilities, consuming resources and impacting customer experiences. We provided them with a solution that transformed their approach to these challenges.

Chainguard Images, built on Wolfi OS, were a game-changer for Sourcegraph. With our Images, Sourcegraph simplified their development process and significantly enhanced their security controls. This led to a remarkable achievement of zero-known vulnerabilities in a short timespan.

Leveraging OpenVEX and SBOMs for advanced security

We also equipped Sourcegraph with OpenVEX and SBOMs, tools that allowed them to proactively manage security threats. This approach not only streamlined their process, but also heightened their security response capabilities.

Learn how our solutions transform security approaches

Our collaboration with Sourcegraph is a testament to the effectiveness of combining innovative technology with practical approaches in software security. 

Interested in how our solutions can reshape your approach to software supply chain security? Dive deeper into the Sourcegraph customer story and hear firsthand about their team’s experience using Chainguard Images. Discover how we’re making a difference in the world of software development to solve our customers’ — and their own customers’ — most pressing security issues.

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