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Updates to the Chainguard Leadership Team

Chainguard, Inc.
June 18, 2022

I am writing today to share a personal update with the Chainguard community. My time as a Chainguard employee has come to an end, and I plan to take my career in another direction. For now I am writing this post to express my gratitude for my time at Chainguard.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my rich experiences at Chainguard and in the software supply chain security space. I am grateful to all of the amazing Chainguard employees who swiftly assembled and grew as a company and a team; the fine folks working hard in the Sigstore community; and all of the integrators using the Sigstore ecosystem to make impressive improvements to the world’s software supply chain.With simple steps, I can see the world becoming a safer place to produce and consume software, and in particular, open source software.

Although I will not be a Chainguard employee, I hope to continue to be an enthusiastic supporter of the company and the software supply chain and open source security communities.

-- Scott Nichols

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