Vulnerability Remediation

Offload CVE remediation and management with our suite of hardened container images

Let your developers get back to building.

Benefit from real-time remediation of critical vulnerabilities

Chainguard prioritizes speed and precision to address and eliminate CVEs daily in the open source software you consume, so your developers can spend their time honing their craft. No more constantly monitoring security spreadsheets, running known-vulnerable software, or manually patching images.

How Chainguard Images Help

Start removing CVEs today.


Chainguard Images have 97.6% fewer vulnerabilities than industry alternatives, helping you meet FedRAMP requirements faster.

Minimal software packages

By using a minimal set of open source software packages, Chainguard Images have a CVE accumulation rate that is 80% lower than industry alternatives.

Rapid, intentional updates

Each Chainguard package is built from source, which allows for daily patches without waiting on upstream distributions.

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