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Secure your software supply chains faster

Protect your software supply chain from open to enterprise.

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Our mission is to make the software supply chain secure by default

Chainguard resources

How Sigstore Can Help You and Your Team Follow the NIST SSDF Recommendations

The recently published Version 1.1 of the SSDF Recommendations from NIST can seem intimidating — the good news is that the open source project Sigstore can readily help you and your team meet a number of the recommendations.

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All About That Base Image

A base image is the foundational layer that developers use when creating their own container images. If developers don’t choose this image wisely, it can lead to headaches—but more importantly, security risks—down the line. Borrowing on the idea of technical debt, the whitepaper terms any vulnerabilities present in the base image “security debt.”

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Avoid hidden security debt with these container maintenance best practices

One of the most common – and most dangerous – practices we see is running outdated container images in production. Best practices versus reality: how we have gotten to the current state of software distribution

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Secure at every step

What makes Chainguard different?

Our team has a deep understanding of the entire problem space, creating some of the most successful foundational open source projects in this domain. We know that automation, without sacrificing developer productivity, is key.

  • Design & automate a secure software supply chain

  • Mitigate the impact of a software supply chain attack

  • Build trust and confidence in critical dependencies

  • Meet regulatory compliance

  • Augment your in house devsecops team

Chainguard gives companies confidence in the critical open source software they deploy by providing a low-friction, developer-friendly way of signing and verifying software artifacts so they have a trail to trace if a breach does occur. The Chainguard team are the thought leaders in this space, and it is the right team at the right time in history to tackle this problem.

Bogomil Balkansky
Partner at Sequoia Capital

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