Chainguard raises $61M
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Case studies

Don’t take our word for it...

We are excited about the prospect of an actively curated base container image distro that has the potential to allow HPE to further enhance software supply chain integrity for our customers.

Tim Pletcher
Research Engineer,
Office of the Security CTO
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It took me about 20 minutes and 6 lines of code to change it over to use the Chainguard Image. There is no blame to engineering, they are doing what everyone does by just taking what's in Docker Hub.

Andrew Storms
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Reach 'inbox zero' for your CVEs

Reduce your attack surface with minimal, hardened images that are secure by default, signed by Sigstore and include SBOMs.

Reduced vulnerabilities
Reduced time and stress investigating reports with Snyk, Trivy, and Grype.
Quick updates
Updated daily compared to the weeks that other base images take.
Sigstore signed
Cryptographically signed with Sigstore for proof of origin and assurance.
Plus SBOMs
SBOMs generated at build time.

A control plane for your software supply chain

Know what’s in your supply chain. Fix your vulnerable software. Enforce policies to keep software secure.

Cloud-native visibility

Discover and inventory your containerized workloads across your cloud(s).

Supply chain observability

Know what’s running, where it came from and what dependencies you have.

Compliance automation

Enforce security policies at scale to meet industry standards and frameworks.

Integrity verification

Sign software artifacts, manage SBOMs and deploy secure base images.


Security that developers love and CISOs can trust

We're not a traditional security vendor. Our tools are built on a secure-by-default infrastructure that introduces zero friction to developer workflow.


Improve developer productivity across the entire SDLC.

Cost effective

Reduce costs and remove toil of security tools with a unified platform.

Security mindfulness 

Achieve a state where security is built-in to your organization’s core functions.

Enterprise ready

Benefit from 24/7 support and a reliable, secure product infrastructure.

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