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Chainguard contributes Rekor Search project to Sigstore

Priya Wadhwa, Engineering Manager
March 24, 2023

Chainguard is excited to announce we are donating the Rekor Search UI project to Sigstore today. This project was built and open sourced by Chainguard in March 2022. It allows users to conveniently search entries in the public Rekor transparency log through their web browser rather than having to search the log via command line.

The search engine makes it easy to sort through Rekor entries by email, hash, entry UUID or entry log index. It also has built-in support for Gitsign signatures and makes it easy to find all Rekor entries associated with a specific Git commit. At the time of writing, you can see that I’ve added 742 entries to the log associated with my email address:

The Sigstore project will now run the Rekor search engine at Check it out to explore the entries in the log today. If you’re interested in running your own version of search or contributing to the code, you can find the donated code in the new sigstore/rekor-search-ui repository. 

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