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Chainguard Image Now Available for Ruby 3.2

Dan Lorenc
December 29, 2022

Every Christmas, the Ruby core team releases a new version of the programming language, as a “treat” for the community. Following suit, we added a new build of Ruby 3.2 to Wolfi, the Linux undistro, and released a corresponding image to our suite of Chainguard Images. This new release has a lot of exciting new updates, including better performance thanks to yjit compiler improvements (Thanks, team Shopify!) and improved WASM support. In addition, Ruby 3.2 trimmed its bundled third-party dependencies, making it easier for distributions, like Wolfi, to package and more importantly, patch.

You can try out Ruby 3.2 using our image, Here’s a quick sample:

-- CODE language-bash -- $ docker run --version ruby 3.2.0 (2022-12-25 revision a528908271) [aarch64-linux-gnu]

We also have builds for arm64 and amd64 available today. As always, the binaries in our Images are built from source and come with comprehensive and SBOMs from the start. These SBOMs contain the package metadata for everything in the Image and can be used for vulnerability scanning or license compliance. You can download the SBOMs for these containers with cosign:

-- CODE language-bash -- cosign download sbom > ruby.spdx.json Found SBOM of media type: spdx+json $ head ruby.spdx.json { "SPDXID": "SPDXRef-DOCUMENT", "name": "sbom-sha256:d5a7ac53675c9064ef46a82d2d5875ab4f06b59d5123635793ee98148330c9e5", "spdxVersion": "SPDX-2.3", "creationInfo": { "created": "2022-12-28T00:08:57Z", "creators": [ "Tool: apko (canary)", "Organization: Chainguard, Inc" ],

Because we build the packages in these Images directly from source, we’re able to apply patches and tweak the build configuration. In this case, we’re able to configure the new yjit implementation, contributed by the killer team at Shopify, during the build. According to the Ruby maintainers, yjit is 41% faster and uses less memory than the standard implementation. Other distributions or package managers that don’t build from source are unable to take advantage of these optimizations in an efficient way.

Try out any of our Images today at, or get started with our Ruby image using documentation in Chainguard Academy. Chainguard Images are now available for Bazel, curl, Git, Go, Jenkins, Postgres, Prometheus and more. If you’re interested in support contracts, SLAs for vulnerabilities, FIPS-enabled images, or support for custom images or older versions, please reach out. Happy Ruby-ing!

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