Chainguard Images now available on Magalu Cloud container registry

Dustin Kirkland, VP of Engineering
December 12, 2023

Magazine Luiza, also known as “Magalu”, one of the largest retailers in Brazil growing a digital ecosystem around cloud computing, has added Chainguard Images within Magalu's new container registry service. Chainguard Developer Images, our suite of hardened, minimal images that receive rapid updates and are patched against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) by default, are now ready to run in Magalu Cloud's Kubernetes as a service.

Like Magalu Cloud, we believe that software security should be automatic and available to everyone — that is, on-by-default, without users having to take extra actions.

Now that Chainguard Developer Images are generally available on Magalu Cloud’s Kubernetes as a service, users can immediately start benefiting from container images that are updated and patched daily so developers can get back to what they do best — building. 

We also provide commercially supported low-to-zero CVE Chainguard Production Images, which are continuously constructed to our clients’ specifications for enterprise or compliance requirements, and secured with our build services.

Get started today

Use a Chainguard Image as a base image:

-- CODE language-bash -- FROM [magalu-cloud-registry]/chainguard/go AS build RUN go build -o /app FROM [magalu-cloud-registry]/chainguard/static:latest-glibc COPY --from=build /app ENTRYPOINT /app

Or use a Chainguard Application Image:

-- CODE language-bash -- docker run [magalu-cloud-registry]/chainguard/mysql

To unlock our Production Images with enterprise-ready features and capabilities, contact our team today to let us know how we can help your organization with its compliance needs.

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