Introducing Chainguard Images for Node.js LTS 20, Python 3.12 and OpenJDK/JRE 21

Adam Dawson, Principal Product Manager
October 11, 2023

A key aspect of our Chainguard Images value proposition involves regularly updating open source images to align with major, minor, and security updates from official projects. 

Recently, popular open source projects Node.js, Java and Python introduced major releases - Java 21 (OpenJDK/JRE) and Python 3.12 are now available, and Node.js 20 will soon become the official LTS version. These updates come with new features, important security patches, as well as community contributions and bug fixes, as typical with major version releases. 

Chainguard Images Version Changes for Node.js, Python, and Java

Chainguard Images are now updated to the latest Python release, python:3.12, and the new LTS release of OpenJDK/JRE, version 21. These new Images will be available in the Chainguard Images free, public tier starting October 11, 2023 for users to build their applications on the newest, most up-to-date versions of these platforms.  All Chainguard Images come with minimal CVEs, SBOMs, signatures, and a hardened architecture based on Wolfi.

On October 11, the python:latest and python:latest-dev tags, as well as the jdk:latest, jdk:latest-dev, jre:latest, and jre:latest-dev tags in the Chainguard Images public tier will be updated to the new versions of these applications. Today we are also introducing public images for jdk-lts:latest, jre-lts:latest, and node-lts:latest, which will always track the latest LTS version (currently 21, and 18 respectively). On October 24, the :latest and :latest-dev tags for both node and node-lts will move to Node.js 20. If you are using an unversioned :latest tag for any of these applications, you may need to take action to make sure your workflows are not disrupted. If you need to maintain access to node:18, python:3.11, or openjdk:17 tags, please contact us to learn more about subscribing to Chainguard Images. To enable receiving email notifications for future Image version changes, deprecations, or critical security notifications, public users should be sure to authenticate to Chainguard's Registry for free using our docker credential helper.

Chainguard Images customers who subscribe to Node, Python and Java Images already have version tags for node:20, python:3.12, and openjdk:21 in their organization's registry, and the :latest and :latest-dev tags for these applications in customer registries will move to the new versions on October 11 and October 24 as specified above. Additionally, image tags for previous versions of these applications will remain available in customer registries, and will continue to receive security and feature updates for the life of the upstream projects. 

We are committed to continuously bringing our customers the latest, most up-to-date versions of open source software in Chainguard Images. Providing updates to Node.js 20, Python 3.12 and Java 21 Images gives you the latest security updates and cutting edge versions of these popular platforms for developing and deploying your applications. If you're interested in using a specific version of Python or Java Chainguard Images, get in touch with us.

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