Chainguard & BoxBoat, an IBM company, announce strategic partnership to tackle software supply chain security

Kaylin Trychon, VP of Marketing and Communications
February 1, 2023

Today at CloudNativeSecurityCon in Seattle, Chainguard, the leader in delivering software supply chain security solutions by default, and BoxBoat, an IBM company and provider of expert consulting services in containerization, DevSecOps, and digital transformation, announced a strategic partnership to help organizations address security across the entire software development lifecycle. The partnership will combine Chainguard’s expertise in software supply chain security products and solutions and open source software with BoxBoat’s strong IT consulting services for cloud native, containerization, DevOps and software supply chain security end-to-end solutions for today’s modern enterprises.   

Attacks are happening at each and every point along the software supply chain, from the way code gets built, to its deployment, to how it’s run and then packaged and shipped to end users. A holistic approach to software supply chain security, not a bolted-on one, is needed to help organizations defend against the rise in supply chain threats. The Chainguard developer platform includes Chainguard Enforce, which uses one of the world’s fastest adopted open source tools, Sigstore, to offer the first product which establishes roots of trust with software artifacts specifically for software supply chain security. The platform also includes Chainguard Images, the first images designed for a secure software supply chain. 

With the Chainguard developer platform, organizations can improve the development experience while simultaneously securing software supply chains and can easily integrate the platform into developers’ current workflows through incremental adoption and customizable features across software supply chain links. With this partnership, both Chainguard and BoxBoat’s customers can now take full advantage of each company’s expertise and solution innovation in the software supply chain security marketplace. 

“Partnering with BoxBoat allows Chainguard to provide today’s modern enterprises with a best-in-class software supply chain security developer platform and consulting services to realize the full potential of our solutions through best practices and accelerated results,” said “Dan Lorenc, CEO and Co-founder at Chainguard. “Chainguard represents the next generation of software security, one that embodies a new culture of software development where security is built in, not bolted on, and this strategic partnership with the experts at BoxBoat will help deliver on our mission to make the software supply chain secure by default for organizations everywhere.” 

 “At BoxBoat, we are always looking for the next generation of startup tech within our market to identify the right partners and leverage their offerings with our clients,” said Will Kinard, CTO of BoxBoat, an IBM company. “As the first developer platform for software supply chain security, our partnership with Chainguard enables us to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they are ever deployed. BoxBoat guides clients through their digital transformation journeys, and with Chainguard, we can ensure their path includes a culture of secure software from source to production.”

To get started today with Chainguard and BoxBoat offerings, contact our sales team. We’ll also be at CloudNativeSecurityCon in Seattle on February 1 and 2. Stop by the Chainguard booth at S12 in room 6E on the 6th floor at the Seattle Convention Center and say hi!

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